Ron Carpenter was found and fostered by a young woman when he was two and a half years old. At the age of eleven, he started to find a job, had worked on a farm— from sunrise to sunset— and did some other odd jobs after school. He quit high school to join the military and fought a war in Korea. After his honorable discharge, he received his General Education and pursued in college with the GI Bill assistance. While on a plane ride with his wife’s friend, he discovered that he could handle the plane fairly well and was hooked on flying since then. With much vigor to chase after his newly found course, he took the hard way of becoming a pilot of his own aircraft. He found a job in Fairbanks as a computer field engineer working for the military and a couple flying jobs on his own. He then applied with FAA and formed his own air taxi service before running into snag with other bush pilot operations. Now, he was with one of the local carriers and is flying the dream he ought to have.